Month: January 2019

The best payday loan alternatives for military personnel´╗┐

Military personnel do so much to serve the nation, it is sad that they have to be victims of predator financial lenders.  Some lenders impose too much interest rate on payday loan, which can build up to 400% of the original amount. This has gotten many personnel into huge debt cycles. Here is what you Read More

How to avoid common military financial scams

 Applying for a bad credit loan online is the easiest way to be a target for financial theft and identity theft.  When you apply for these loans, the scammers can use your identity on other online scams or sell it to other scammers around the world. The unsuitable insurance This is the most common financial Read More

Everything you should know about a VA-guaranteed loan

A VA guaranteed loan is created by private investors and lenders such as banks, mortgage companies, and mortgage brokers for eligible veterans. The loans are meant for service member and veterans who are eligible and have a number of loan benefits. They are more appealing and affordable as compared to most conventional loans. What is Read More

Everything you need to know about no credit check military loans

No credit loans are created for members of the military armed forces. Lenders who specialize in these types of loans are more familiar with and aim at meeting the demands for permanent change like station moves, deployment and other unique military situations concerning military families. These lenders have created the application process of such loans Read More

´╗┐Benefits of cheap military loans

Many military personnel, veterans and other service members qualify for cheap VA loans. When you are searching for a mortgage loans, you should consider the benefits of taking VA loans. Here are some of the benefits You will not be required to have a down payment Most eligible military home buyers are not required to Read More